Party Play

Step by step w/screenshots on how to form a party
How EXP share works in parties
Item sharing in parties
Party UI explanation
How to heal/buff using party window


Ragnarok is more fun with friends - conquer your way through any challenge with the help of your fellow adventurers by forming a Party! By forming a Party of up to 12 players, you can make your levelling experience easier and more fun!


Creating a Party

You must have Basic Skill Level 5 to join a Party, and Basic Skill Level 7 to create a Party.
Create a Party by typing in /organize “Party Name” in the General Chat window, with your chosen Party name in quotations. The character who creates the Party is the Party’s Leader.


To invite other characters, type /invite “Character Name” in the General Chat window or click “Party invitation” in the Party window, which can be accessed from the Menu or by pressing Alt+Z.

To change the Party Leader, right-click on the character’s name in the Party Window who will be the next leader and select the option “Assign Party Leader.” A window will prompt you to confirm the decision.


To leave the Party, click on the “Party withdrew” option in the Party window and confirm with the pop-up window, or simply type and enter the /leave command in your General Chat bar.


 The Party Leader also has the option to expel a member from the Party using the right-click menu in the Party window. 



Searching for a Party

If you don’t have a party but wish to find one to join, you can use the Party Booking List window to search for one. This window is accessible from the Menu or by typing and entering /booking into your General Chat.


You can specify your party search here by level, location (MAP), and Job type. This will help you narrow your selection so you can find the right party that suits your needs! Clicking “Search” brings up a list of Parties that match your search terms, and from there you can contact the Party leader.


Party Setup

One of the benefits of being in a Party is sharing items and experience (EXP). There are a few options you can choose depending on what style of sharing best suits your Party.


       How to share EXP

        -  Each Take: Party members only gain EXP from the monsters they contribute damage to

        -  Even Share: EXP is split evenly among all party members regardless of who deals the most or least damage. Only characters within 15 Base Levels of each other can do Even Share for EXP.


       How to share items

        -  Each take: Items are obtained based on drop priority alone.

        -  Party share: Any party member can obtain items immediately regardless of drop priority.


       Item sharing type

        -  Individual: Each player keeps the item they obtain

        -  Shared: All items acquired by the Party are shared between its members



Getting VIP has never been easier on Ragnarok! VIP packages are available in the in-game Cash Shop at 10 Days of VIP  for 250 Kafra Points or KP. Kafra Points can be converted from WarpPortal Points, which you can obtain at your WarpPortal Power-Up Page!


 After you purchase the VIP Package, it will show up on your Inventory. Your VIP will not start until you consume the VIP box, which you can do by double-clicking its sprite in your inventory. When you do that, all of the characters on your account will enjoy VIP benefits, including:

- EXP +50%

- Item Drop +50%

- Access to second account storage

- Access to Merchant Voucher, which allows for Offline Vending

- Access to Shopper Voucher, which allows for Offline Buying


Offline Vending

Offline Vending is one of the many perks you can get as a VIP player! It allows you to set up a Vending Shop in-game that stays up even after you’ve logged out. All Classes have the ability to use Offline Vending.

To vend offline, you’ll need to obtain VIP for your account, which you can do so in the Cash Shop
Learn more about VIP here! [link to VIP section, listed above]

When you open your VIP Box you should see a Merchant Voucher envelope. The Envelope doesn’t expire, so you may save it to open when you’re ready. When you’re ready to set up your shop, make sure you’re already in the area you want your shop to exist! You will be prompted to choose an immediate area after setting up your listings and prices.

Double-click the envelope to obtain a Consignment Merchant Voucher, which expires in 10 Days.


Double-click the Voucher to bring up the Vend a Shop window along with a small window with items you have that are available for Vending. From here, you can change the name of your shop, drag and drop items into it, and adjust the prices for each of your items. Hit OK when you’re finished setting up your shop.


After you finish listing your shop, your cursor will have a red marker underneath. Use that to click on the spot you want to place your offline shop. When you click, a window will pop up asking you to confirm your location.


Clicking OK will set up a still version of your sprite with a chat window revealing the shop name. That’s your shop! It will remain open for a duration of 10 Days.


At any point, you can close your shop by clicking on it and pressing the Cancel button. A window will prompt you to confirm your decision, click OK to approve it.


If you still had items in your shop when you closed it, they will be mailed to you via RODEX. Simply open up your mailbox to retrieve your items. The Consignment Merchant Voucher will also show up in your Inventory once again, so if you’d like to reopen your shop elsewhere, simply follow the same steps for as long as the timer does not run out on the voucher.


Pet System

Description of new pet system
How to obtain a pet
How to evolve pet

Complete your Ragnarok experience by getting a Pet! The world of Ragnarok is full of wonderful creatures and monsters, and many of them are available to be tamed and kept as your very own companion pet!


Taming a Pet

To obtain a pet, you have to tame a monster in the wild. To do so, you must obtain that monster’s specific Taming Item. Each monster has its own specific Taming Item that only it can be tamed with, so make sure you’ve got the right item before hunting down your pet!

Find your desired Pet out in the wild and have your Taming Item ready. For example, the Taming Item for Lunatics is a Rainbow Carrot.


Double-click the Taming Item from your Inventory and the cursor will change and prompt you to select a target. Take aim carefully, as the monsters still move around as normal! If you mis-click, the Taming Item is still consumed and you will need to try again.


Once you click on the monster with your Taming Item cursor, a Slot Machine will pop up. Click on it to stop the wheel and see if luck was on your side in obtaining a Pet! It may take several tries, so it’s a good idea to have several Taming Items. You can also hotkey your Taming Items to your top actions bar to make the process quicker.


If you land on Success, you automatically obtain a Pet Egg! It shows up in your Inventory with all the information you need to know about it. To get your Pet out of its Egg and following you around, you’ll need to obtain a Pet Incubator item from a Pet Groomer NPC.

Once you have the Pet Incubator, double-click on it and it will prompt you to select which Egg to incubate. This consumes the Pet Incubator.

Once your Pet is out of its Egg, it will begin following you around!

Congratulations - You now have a Pet!


Caring for Pets

 If you right-click your Pet following you around, it will bring up the Pet Info window, which shows you the name, level, hunger level, and intimacy level, and accessory of your Pet.

- Name: You can only change your Pet’s name once, after which it becomes permanent.

- Level: This is your Pet’s base level, which varies across different monsters.

- Hunger: Hunger level. If it’s Hungry, feed it to increase its Hunger and Intimacy levels!

- Intimacy: How close your Pet is to you

- Accessory: Pets can have special equipment attached to them, this shows if they are currently equipped


Feeding Pets

Each Pet has its own specific Food Item that it must be fed in order to stay full and happy.
Different Pets have varying levels of hunger tolerance, so keep an eye on your Pet’s Hunger levels to see if your Pet needs food more often than others! Failing to feed your Pet will decrease its Intimacy with you and may cause it to run away.

Intimacy Level

There are 5 levels of Intimacy you can achieve with your Pet. From lowest to highest level:

- Awkward

- Shy

- Neutral

- Cordial

- Loyal


To increase your Pet’s Intimacy level, you need to keep it happy and fed. Actions like overfeeding or dying in battle can decrease your Pet’s intimacy level. To preserve its Intimacy level without feeding it, you can right-click to return it to its egg shell. Another Pet Incubator is needed to release it from its shell once again.

Once your Pet reaches Loyal status, it will begin granting you special buffs! Each Pet benefits its owner differently, so be sure to keep your Pet happy.


Certain Pets can be evolved to a different Pet with more advanced Bonuses!
To evolve a Pet, it must be Loyal and you must obtain certain ingredients.




Alchemists are researchers of biotechnology that have created a perfect companion for their adventures: the Homunculus. Through the Bioethics Quest, Alchemists are able to unlock additional skill Bioethics, which allows the Alchemist to create an Embryo, from which they can call a Homunculus.

Creating an Embryo

In order to call a Homunculus, the Alchemist must first obtain an Embryo. This can either be created by the Alchemist themselves through the use of Prepare Potion and the Potion Creation Guide. If this is too difficult for the Alchemist to create, they can also purchase an Embryo from a fellow Alchemist!

Calling a Homunculus & Homunculus Types

Once the Embryo is in hand, the skill Call Homunculus (obtained with the Bioethics quest) can be used! The skill will randomly call forth one of four Homunculi: Lif, Amistr, FIlir or Vanilmirth. If you’re unsatisfied with your homunculus, you can always delete the Homunculus from the Homunculus window (Alt+R), then obtain a new Embryo to call a new Homunculus. Please note that the Homunculus that emerges is random, so it may take some time to get the type you desire! There are two different sprites per Homunculus, but this does not affect gameplay of the pet. Each homunculus also requires a special feed in order to gain loyalty and prevent them from running away.


Lif is a support type Homunculus, with skills that heal the Alchemist or help them escape by increasing their movement speed. However, this does come at the cost of her offensive and defensive skills. She can learn the following skills:

- Healing Hands - Restores HP to the owned while consuming a Condensed Red Potion

- Urgent Escape - Increases the movement speed for both Lif and the Alchemist

- Brain Surgery - Increases Lif’s Max SP & SP recovery while also making Healing Hands more effective

- Mental Charge - Can only be obtained when Lif has evolved and is Loyal to the Alchemist. This gives an Intelligence and Vitality buff while allowing Lif to damage enemies using her MATK stat instead of her ATK stat.

Lif requires Pet Food for her feed.



Amistr is a Homunculus designed for tanking damage for the Alchemist and sports high HP and Vitality. It can be used to help get the Alchemist out of tight spots, but like Lif, doesn’t have a lot of offense to help kill targets. Amistr can learn the following skills:

- Castling - Upon cast, Amistr will switch positions with the Alchemist

- Amistr Bulwark - A brief Vitality buff to both Amistr and owner (duration and effect increases with level)

- Adamantium Skin - A passive skill that increases the Amistr’s Max HP, HP Recovery and Defense

- Blood Lust - Requires the Amistr to be evolved and loyal. This skill temporarily increases its Attack and gives the chance of recovering HP for a portion of the damage dealt for each hit.

Amistr consumes Zargon.



Filir is a speedy damage dealer, specializing in physical attack. It’s a great choice for any Alchemist, but its physical prowess comes at the cost of its  defensive capabilities. Filir can learn the following skills

- Moonlight - A single target attack skill that increases damage with its level

- Flitting - A self-buff for the Filir, increasing Attack and Attack Speed

- Accelerated Flight - An emergency skill that increases Flee for a short time

- S.B.R.44 - Requires the Filir to be evolved and loyal. Filir’s ultimate skill that uses Intimacy to deal massive damage and will make the Homunculus hate the Alchemist afterwards.

Filir eats Garlet for loyalty.



While Vanilmirth appears to be an unassuming pile of goo, it is in fact a Homunculus capable of dishing out tons of magical damage. This is a Homunculus suited for almost all Alchemists and is very well-rounded. Vanilmirth can learn the following skills:

- Caprice - The Vanilmirth casts a random Fire Bolt, Cold Bolt, Lightning Bolt or Earth Spike on a single target at a random level (from levels 1 to 5)

- Chaotic Blessings - The homunculus randomly casts a Heal to one target, be it the Vanilmirth itself, its owner or even enemies

- Instruction Change - A passive skill that increases Intelligence, Strength and Potion Creation rate (so long as it is not put away)

- Self-Destruction - Requires the Vanilmirth to be evolved and loyal. Vanilmirth will self-destruct and deals massive damage to enemies surrounding it, but at the cost of its intimacy. The Homunculus will hate the Alchemist after this skill is cast.

Vanilmirth requires Scell to survive.


Evolving a Homunculus

In order to evolve a Homunculus, the Alchemist must take care to feed it regularly to build up its Intimacy. The lowest feeling a Homunculus can have for you is Hate with a Passion, but with enough time, care and snacks, the Homunculus will be Loyal! After that, the Alchemist must obtain a Stone of Sage from a monster or a seller, then double-click the item in their inventory. The Homunculus will then evolve! There is no level requirement for evolution.


Guild Play

Description of Guild Play
Do you fancy yourself and your friends a group of veteran adventurers that can take on any threat? Why not try to take on other adventurers! With an Emperium, gather your colleagues together to become the strongest guild in Ragnarok!

How to Form a Guild

To form a guild, the intended Guild Master must have an Emperium in-hand. This item is obtainable from various monsters, but can also be found being sold by other players. After that, the intended guild leader must type /guild “Guild Name” Guild. Once completed, the Guild Master will be able to invite other players to join the guild and once part of the guild, all members will have access to the Guild Window. Please note, should the Guild Master become unavailable for play, there is no way of transferring leadership, so choose your leader wisely!

The window is accessible via hotkey Alt+G. The Guild Window will show information regarding the guild’s level, number of members on, alliances and attained skills.

How to Break a Guild

If you and your companions decide to call the guild life quits, the Guild Master has the power to break the guild. Simply type /breakguild "my guild name" to distintegrate the guild. There is no way of recovering previous levels or skills, so be 100% sure you want to break the guild!


Leveling Up & Managing the Guild

So, you started a guild. Now what? Well, now’s the time to start leveling up!  Guilds level up by taxing the base experience of its members and members can be taxed from 0% to 50% of their experience. These rates are set by the Guild Master through Guild Titles.


Guild Titles are assigned to members and can have a certain rate applied to it, along with powers to invite or expel members and access to Guild Storage.


Guild Skills work similar to Job Skills: after a certain amount of experience is obtained, the guild gains a Skill Point! These can be put into points to help expand the guild roster, give stat bonuses when the guild fights with its Guild Master and most importantly, the Official Guild Approval skill gives the ability to participate in the War of Emperium!


War of Emperium

The War of Emperium is a contest of guilds to take over castles in various realms! There are four castle realms to be taken over: Valkyrie (north of Prontera), Greenwood Lake (West of Payon), Britoniah (southwest of Geffen) and Luina (west of Al de Baran). Ride towards victory with your guild mates to have a castle to call your home base to enjoy benefits such as a special Guild Dungeon with powerful monsters and the ability to invest in the castle for fabulous treasure!