Many ages ago, there was a powerful clan of shadow warriors who served the Lord of Amatsu. Content to be the right hand to the feudal warlord, they were known as the Ninja-silent assassins who excelled in weapon and magical arts.

In time, the Lord of Amatsu grew to mistrust their growing power and influence, and they were forced to retreat to the shadows they held so dear. These Ninja passed into the realm of legend, a fairy tale told to frighten small children.

Just recently the descendants of the original Ninja have returned to assist in the battle against the forces of evil in Rune Midgards, and have been gathering recruits to pass on their ancient techniques.

Until now, there have been no men or women strong enough in body and spirit to learn the most secret Ninja arts, those developed by the founding members of the clan so long ago.
You can start the job change to Kagerou & Oboro from Amatsu.
Once you've achieved your potential.
(Lv. 99/JLv. 70)
You will hear the mysterious conversation from the secret path to 'Ninja Academy'. Seek out the place mentioned in the mysterious conversation.
The place mentioned in the mysterious conversation is hidden in the inside wall of 'Ninja academy'.
From the hidden place, you will get a hint from Kagerou & Oboro.
Knowledge test!
Kagerou and Oboro are the warriors who took care of the Amatsu lord long ago.
In order to serve the lord, they studied hard.
Simple questions about Ninjas and Ragnarok will be given to test your knowledge.
Weapon test!
The shadow warriors, Kagerou and Oboro have built their own special weapons.
It's a test to make your own weapon.
The created weapon will be given after the test, you will need Iron Ore, Iron, Steel, Phracon, Emveretarcon, Oridecon Stone, and Elunium Stone.
Survival test!
It wasn't an easy job the kagerou and Oboro did.
They had to train themselves to survive their missions.
It is similar to a dice game, you will need to reach the end point.
Battle test!
Kagerou and Oboro were the best warriors taking care of the target once the order is given.
There is only one target and you need to kill it before any others.

It's only available to the warriors who completed Knowledge, weapon, and survival tests.