Patch Notes - 2/17/2022

RT Maintenance February

February 17th, 12:00PM - 6:00PM PDT



• New costume box goes on sale for 200KP
-- Ponytail Hair(brown)
-- Adventure Cat's Bag
-- Flower Wings
-- Carefree Face
-- Cherry Ribbon
-- Desert Scarf
-- Sprout Hat
-- Costume Adventurer's Hat
-- Sale Sign



Compensation Event - Starting on 1/20 until 2/28, players can log in and receive various consumables (food, buff scrolls, potions etc) over the course of 20 days!
Sweets Festival
Sweets Event continues!
• Start at Prontera (163, 98)
Scaraba Frenzy Fields
Scaraba Dungeon Frenzy Fields are open!
• Located on the way to El Dicastes, equip your Ring of Wise King to face the Champion monsters here!

Wandering Merchants
"Wandering Merchants" Event continues!
Towns: Izlude, Hugel, Alberta, Payon, Comodo, Geffen, Rachel, Veins
Stock (Limited Quantities): Strawberries, Witch Starsands, Blue Herbs, Stems
Restock Periods: NPCs restock daily at a different offset hour for each NPC. This is to ensure that players from all time zones have a chance to purchase these items.

Homeward Bound
Our Homeward Bound Event has been extended (Ending date is to be determined)!
• Enjoy a bonus +50% EXP and +25% Drops as you stay indoors and keep safe!

War of Emperium
Guild vs Guild wars will begin in the War of Emperium!
• Think your guild has what it takes to be the best in PvP? Prepare yourself as you fight with your guild for ownership of guild castles and daily treasures!



Did you know?
-- The use of grf edits such as "grayworld" is prohibited
-- We do not recruit players to be GMs