Ragnarok Transcendence Closure Announcement

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Ragnarok Transcendence Closure Announcement

Hello Everyone,

Regretfully, today we are announcing that Ragnarok Transcendence will be ceasing operations on 3/31/2022.

All users who have made purchases since December 1st will have their points refunded and converted to WarpPortal Energy. All points currently existing on RT accounts will be returned to the parent WarpPortal Account as WarpPortal Energy.

Should you desire the points purchases made since 12/1 be refunded to the payment option, please submit a ticket. Unfortunately, circumstances do not allow us to merge character/item data. Due to this, all RT users who write in between now and June 1st will be eligible for a compensation package including a boosted character. Any user who currently has cash shop items or costumes on RT may submit a ticket before the server closes and the GM team will transfer cash items to the Renewal server for them.

We thank you for exploring Ragnarok Transcendence with us.

Submitting a Ticket Through the Support Page - WarpPortal