Episode 13.3: El Dicastes

Episode 13.3 El Dicastes

Episode 13.3: El Dicastes

Enter El Dicastes, the capital city of the wood-like people of the Sapha Tribe. To access this hidden place, you have to complete the Sapha Ambassador Quest!

Sapha Ambassador Quest


Requirements: Base Level 70, Complete "Ring of Wise King" Quest, have Ring of the Ancient Wise King equipped
The Sapha tribe sent a messenger to Midgard Expedition Camp and the whole post is excited about it! Those seeking to travel to the capital city of the Sapha people can begin their adventure at the Rune Midgard Allied Forces Post in the New World.

Listen in on the two guards at the Midgard Camp discussing the arrival of a Sapha messenger.

As soon as you go in to the central barrack where the commander is trying to see what is going on, Aello greets you unexpectedly and starts to talk about the Sapha messenger who traveled all the way through Manuk to get here.

Vyhannus, the Sapha messenger, comes with a message of gratitude for the help that their tribe has received from the expedition and invites them to the capital city of the Sapha: El Dicastes.

From there, adventurers will seek out the entrance to the Kamidal Tunnel that connects Manuk and the Sapha Capital.

You are all set to explore the city once you have registered as an adventurer at Dicastes Diel.

There is a bar called Burman Flone in El Dicastes where you can apply as a human adventurer. It is noted for its Midgard architecture. Speak to the bar owner Shay, who will be happy to help you on your journey.

Frede's Quest


Requirements: Base Level 70, Complete "Sapha Ambassador" Quest, have Ring of the Ancient Wise King equipped

Help the Sapha, Frede, and his friends in the capital city of El Dicastes. Adventuers must be registered as an invited visitor to begin.

Look for the sitting Sapha Frede, who can be found in the Northwest mining section of the city.

Frede's friends are working down in the upper and lower Kamidal tunnels that connect El Dicastes and Manuk, which can be tricky to navigate if unprepared. Return to Frede after contacting his friends and he will ask you to get some Bradium from Bouy and distribute it to his friends.

Bouy will say she is out of spare Bradium and will ask for 30 small Bradiums.

Small Bradiums are dropped from certain local monsters. Collect and give small bradiums to Bouy and she will make Refined Bradium for you.
Take the Refined Bradium and share it with Frede's friends.

The quest is completed once you go back to Frede.

The reward for completing the quest is a Bradium Earring.

El Dicastes Daily Quests


Episode 13.3 brings with it some new mechanics, and new items can be obtained and modified through one of the feline merchants who are based in the Kamidal foothills. The Sapha Certification can be obtained through daily quests and Exploration Quests in El Dicastes.

There are 6 operational supervisors located at 10, 2 and 5 o'clock from the main square of El Dicastes. They assign quests related to hunting, collecting and deliveries in their designated areas, like those given by the Eden Group.

Quests are assigned on a daily basis, one quest type a day and quest contents are shown below:

Laponte Assigns 1 random hunting quest out of total 7
Kalipo Assigns 1 random hunting quest out of total 6
Pura Assigns 1 random collecting quest out of total 10
Tragis Assigns 1 random collecting quest out of total 10
Calyon Assigns 1 random delivery quest out of total 11
Moltuka Assigns 1 random delivery quest out of total 11


Report completed quests at the operations building located north of the city and you will be rewarded with 1 Sapha Certification per quest you complete.


Ancient Relic Scroll Research


Scrolls written by Sapha ancestors are available for viewing in the Archive room within the Operations building. Each document can be obtained by clicking document boxes and obtained documents are stored in quest form in your quest window. Start off to a new exploration based on the location and contents described in each document.
Return each unknown relic discovered at a certain rate during exploration to Papyrus, the Archive Manager, and receive 1 Sapha Certification for every 3 unknown relics returned. He also exchanges 11 Certifications for 30 unknown relics returned.


Cat Merchant Socketable Equipment


Once you have earned some Saphra Certifications, you can spend them on equipment.

These unique gear cannot be traditionally refined but can be modified to give additional stats. To obtain the items, you can purchase them from the the Cat Merchant Jabong. Then, you will be able to upgrade equipment through the other cats Jalapeno, Mancho, and Brare, who can be found in the same area. (Each NPC specializes in upgrading one type of item.)

Unlike 1 and 2 Sockets, there is a chance of destroying the equip when upgrading to level 3. Destruction rate for 3 Socket upgrade may decrease depending on Cat Merchant Points. Once destroyed, the equip can be purchased and upgraded again from Jabong with more Sapha Certifications. Upgrades that you do not like can be reset by the cat that performed the upgrade.

Examples of items upgraded to level 3:

There are three items that can be purchased and upgraded, these include Feral Boots, Golden Bells and Feral Tails.

Monster Manual

13.3 introduces new monsters that adventurers will encounter when they are traveling between the New World village of Manuk and the ice encrusted city of El Dicastes. Preliminary scouting reports have revealed some information about these fearsome insectoid creatures.


Uni-Horn Scaraba
Monster Level 130 Exp / Jexp 5220 / 4011
HP 51100 Def / Mdef 135 / 20
Element Earth 1 Attack 633 ~ 724
Horn Scaraba
Monster Level 134 Exp / Jexp 5780 / 4549
HP 58900 Def / Mdef 150 / 38
Element Earth 1 Attack 690 ~ 795
Antler Scaraba
Monster Level 136 Exp / Jexp 6330 / 5255
HP 62600 Def / Mdef 155 / 102
Element Earth 2 Attack 422 ~ 822
Rake Horn Scaraba
Monster Level 139 Exp / Jexp 6990 / 5995
HP 67700 Def / Mdef 250 / 70
Element Earth 2 Attack 830 ~ 942
Queen Scaraba (MVP)
Monster Level 140 Exp / Jexp 6990 / 5995
HP 2441600 Def / Mdef 350 / 220
Element Earth 3 Attack 1899 ~ 3129
Monster Level 132 Exp / Jexp 4000 / 3000
HP 54591 Def / Mdef 112 / 52
Element Wind 3 Attack 677 ~ 963
Uni-Horn Scaraba Egg
Monster Level 125 Exp / Jexp 4000 / 3000
HP 63000 Def / Mdef 230 / 55
Element Neutral 1 Attack 1 ~ 2
Horn Scaraba Egg
Monster Level 126 Exp / Jexp 4000 / 3000
HP 66000 Def / Mdef 250 / 62
Element Neutral 1 Attack 1 ~ 2
Antler Scaraba Egg
Monster Level 127 Exp / Jexp 4000 / 3000
HP 69000 Def / Mdef 235 / 180
Element Neutral 1 Attack 1 ~ 2
Rake Horn Scaraba Egg
Monster Level 128 Exp / Jexp 4000 / 3000
HP 72000 Def / Mdef 290 / 44
Element Neutral 1 Attack 1 ~ 2
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