Jump Event

Jump Event


Jump Event!

June 11 - July 22 2021

Got a new character that needs leveling? Jumping Janeway is here for you! Janeway will help adventurers reach level 99 faster, however she can't help out Transcended characters, Ninjas, or Gunslingers - sorry about that!

Login Reward Window

To participate, use the character you'd like to level with to claim the GM Bond item from the Daily Login Rewards.

Jumping Janeway

After you've claimed your GM Bond, visit Jumping Janeway at Izlude (100, 100) to start! As you complete her quests, you will be given a basic weapon appropriate for your first job. In addition, you will get some Novice Potions! To make the hunt quests go quicker, party up with some friends and tackle those together!

If you happen to claim the GM Bond on the wrong character by accident, submit a ticket to the Support Team and we'll help you out!