Ramp-Up Raffle!

Ramp up raffle banner


When you pre-register to play Ragnarok Transcendence, you get a chance to win amazing prizes in our Ramp-Up Raffle!

Pre-registration raffle prizes

Unlocked so far:

Stage 1 Goal: 30K- 8 Lucky winners will get a Logitech Gamer Mouse!

Stage 2 Goal: 50K – 5 Winners will receive a Steel Series Arctus Headset!

Stage 3 Goal: 75K – 4 Winners will receive a Corsair K95 Keyboard!

Stage 4 Goal: ?????

Stage 5 Goal: ?????

Stage 6 Goal: ?????

As more players pre-register, more prizes will be unlocked for the raffle!
*Raffle Prizes will be distributed after the conclusion of Ragnarok Transcendence’s Pre-Registration. For rules and terms click here: Ramp-Up Raffle Rules