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Shadow Item Double Refine Event
The Shadow Blacksmith in Eden Group and Prontera is here with a special upgrading event. For the next 2 weeks, she will be giving a second attempt if any refine fails.
Find her at the 2nd floor of Eden Group and at the Blacksmith building in Prontera southeast of the center fountain.

She will use the following ores to help you upgrade Shadow Item Gear:
Shadow Weapons
Oridecon / Enriched Oridecon / HD Oridecon
Armor / Accessories
Elunium / Enriched Elunium / HD Elunium

Each refine attempt costs 1 refining ore and 20,000 zeny
Refining is safe until +4 with Oridecon / Elunium
Refining from +5 to +10 has a higher rate of success with Enriched Oridecon / Enriched Elunium but has a chance of breaking.
Refining from +7 to +10 has a higher rate of success with HD Oridecon / HD Elunium and will downgrade 1 refine level if refining fails.

*Even IF the item fails below +7 you can keep making attempts with HD Ore without the item breaking upon failure; as long as you do not stop the dialogue attempts be done with HD Ore.

Make sure that you have plenty of ore in your inventory as trade/buy/storage is unavailable while in the upgrading dialogue.

Good luck adventurers!

Find the Shadow Blacksmith to upgrade your items

Take care in choosing which Refining Ore you are using before proceeding to avoid breaking
But fear not, the Blacksmith is giving everyone a second chance if the first attempt fails!