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Valentine's Day Quest and New Year Shadow Item Set event!

On February 4th we are looking to bring in a Lunar New Year's event with unique shadow item rewards in addition to the normal headgear reward. The 2016 quest is still being tested by the development team so we are adding a new reward for the 2015 Year of the Ram Quest! Talk to the Fancy Shepherd Boy in Payon (241 90) to get started.

VIP accounts on renewal who complete the quest will receive a ticket to claim 1 random piece of Unfrozen Shadow Gear. This will be available from daily quen and at the beginning of the quest's implementation will be account bound. In addition to receiving the Shadow Gear players will receive a normal Dally Quen reward when claiming the shadow gear. As always Dally Quen will only give prizes once per day per account.

The quest is a collection quest involving killing monsters and turning in their parts to earn the reward.

We wanted a way to introduce these gears without making them only available through a Kafra shop purchase, by making it a VIP quest reward. This quest will be ingame for 1 month.

This Shadow Set will be disabled in TE, as these items go against spirit of TE WoE and its more simplified mechanics.

We just had a large meeting to discuss these items and our plan. This is the plan as follows.

Implementation Plan:

Items become available on 2/4/2016

  • WoE TE: Disabled
  • PvM: Enabled
  • PvP: Enabled
  • WoE1: Disabled until 2/18/2016 (For testing items in live environment)
  • WoE2: Disabled until 2/18/2016 (For testing items in live environment)
Item Movement: Account Bound

Availability: Rewarded once a day per VIP account through the use of New Years quest and Dally Quen. Testing item effects In WoE:

Hunger Games Arena will be converted into the WoE Map Setting, Players will be able to teleport there to test these items. You may post feedback on the real effects of these here OR by submitting it through the google docs form that will be posted in this post. Google doc is meant to protect user privacy in terms of feedback provided to us.

Valentine's Day Quest

Trouble in Poringdise! Deviling needs your help finding the perfect gift for Angeling!

In Al de Baran this Valentine's Day many Master Artisans will gather in order to help the citizens of Rune Midgard find and create their loved ones the perfect Valentine's Day gift!

No one needs more help than a particular Deviling that cannot find the courage to talk to the Angeling that they like. Players are to help the Deviling by asking the townspeople, as well as Angeling, for advice for the perfect gift. You can find this Deviling in Aldebaran (174, 127). Just walk by them and you'll catch their attention!(

Once the player decides upon a gift, or gifts, they must go in search of the corresponding Master Artisan to help prepare the gift(s). When the present(s) are completed, players will then return to Deviling and help Deviling find the courage to finally talk to Angeling.