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March gets a new Groove Pack!

The Kafra Corporation is bringing a new box for the month of March! Read on for more info on what you'll find.

Renewal Groove Pack

Always gives 1x Bloody Branch and 2x Kitcoin when opened
Gives one of the following at random

  • =Common:
  • Gryphon Hat
  • 10x Raydric Transformation Scroll
  • 4xHE Bubble Gum
  • 2x Battle Manual X3
  • Costume: Helm
  • =Uncommon:
  • Ifrit Mask
  • Earth Goddess Flower
  • =Rare:
  • Girls' Hat
  • Leek In Mouth

Classic Groove Pack

Always gives one Battle ManualX3

  • Party Assumptio Scroll x25
  • Mega Resist Potion x80
  • Party Blessing Scroll x25
  • Party Increase Agi Scroll
  • HE Bubble Gum x3
  • Little Feather Hat [1]
  • Hunting Cap
  • Rideword Hat
  • Deviling Hat
  • Whikebine's Black Cat Ears
  • Piggy Bank Hat
  • Pirate Dagger