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St. Paddy's day quest and New Costume Box!

St. Patrick's day quest

The Emerald studded quest at the center of our events is this year's St. Paddy's day quest. As per usual O'Reiley the leprechaun is in need of your help.

Adventurers level 45 and above can seek him out next to the fountain in the center of Hugel! The repeatable reward for completing his quest will be experience and green ales.

New Paddy's Costume Pack 350kp

From 3-17-2016 to 6-01-2016 (these items) will increase Luk by 5 and enable the dropping of Green Ale Items. Contains one of the following
  • Costume Veil
  • Costume Spell Circuit
  • Costume Black Cat Ears Beret
  • Costume Scratching Cat
  • Costume Lost Wolf Puppy
  • Costume Earth Goddess Flower
  • Costume Bunny Head Dress
  • Costume Lightning Speed
Lovely new Costumes!

Costume: Veil
This lovely veil can be worn in all sorts of social situations.

Costume: Spell Circuit
A cyberhat for a cyber-age

Costume: Black Cat Ear Beret
A replica of the stylish cat ear beret. Can be worn over other headgears.

Costume: Scratching Cat
This darn cat has chosen it's target: Your face!

Costume: Lost Wolf Puppy
You can simulate the experience of carrying a baby wolf pup in your mouth, by carrying a wolf puppy in your mouth!

Costume: Earth Goddess Flower
A perfect replica of the Earth Goddess Flower hat that can be worn over your regular hat.

Costume: Bunny Headdress
You'll hop with envy if you don't have one of these atop your head.

Costume: Lightning Speed
Lightning speed! For when Ludicrous Speed isn't fast enough.