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[R&C] New April Lucky Box

The Kafra gals are back with our latest random box on both Classic and Renewal!

You can purchase the Lucky Boxes from the Cash Shop button on Renewal Thor and Chaos or by talking to the Special Event Seller NPC on Classic.

Got an item you don't wish to keep, trade or sell? The NPC Granny Boxter in the second level of the Eden Group Headquarters will take select unwanted box items in exchange for 'Brownie points' which can be traded in for a new Lucky Box!


  • Crown of Deceit
  • CD In Mouth
  • Costume: Jack Castle Bat
  • Costume: Devoted Eyes
  • Fallen Angel Wings
  • 2000x Prize Medals
  • 6x HE Bubble Gum
  • 5x Bloody Dead Branch


  • 40x Fencer Scroll
  • 5x Battle Manual X3
  • 100x Party Blessing Scroll
  • 100x Party Increase Agi scroll
  • 10x HE Bubble Gum
  • Yggdrasil Crown
  • Well Chewed Pencil
  • 80x Mental Potions
  • Sakura Crown (hasn't been in since 2014)
  • Chewing Gum (non explosive type)
  • Elven Ears [1]