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[R&C] New Groove Pack and Kafra Shop Update

On Renewal and Classic we have a special Groove Pack launching this week with some fun never-before-seen equipment for the midsummer!

For the Kafra shop, we're cycling out the individual costume headgears on Renewal. Leaving:
  • Costume: Bold Ears Box
  • Costume: Yellow Hat Box
  • Costume: Singing Bird Box
  • Costume: Mini Crown Box
  • Costume: Butterfly Ears Box
  • Costume: Gothic Heartwing Hairband
  • Costume: Noah Hat
  • Costume: One Eyed Glasses
  • Costume: Old-Timey Box
  • Costume: Chicken Box
  • Weather Report Box
  • Costume: New Wave Sunglasses
  • Costume: Charleston Antenna
  • Costume: Hill Wind Mask
  • Costume: Analyze Eye


Costume: New Wave Sunglasses
You wear these sunglasses at night, so you keep track of the visions in your eyes.

Costume: Hill Wind Mask
Perfect for Halloween or as a disguise during neon soaked assassination missions.

Costume: Analyze Eye
A holo interface for gathering useful environmental data.

Costume: Charleston Antenna
A replica of the unique headgear worn by the Charleston series of androids.

[Renewal] Akiba's Gashapon Pack

From the famous animator, Akiba Kurokawa comes this Amatsumation themed random pack.

Each Groove Pack includes 1x Battle Manualx3 and 1x Kitcoin
Includes one of the following at random:
  • 2x Battle ManualX3
  • Costume: Nekomimi Headphones
  • Antler Fedora
  • Long Wolf's Ears
  • Haunted Armor Helm
  • 3x HE Bubble Gum
  • 10x Fencer Mercenary Scroll
  • Costume: Eremes Scarf
  • Costume: Secret Zipper

Costume: Haunted Armor Helm
Recovered from a haunted castle, this armored helm seems to be bound to a spirit.

Costume: Long Wolf's Ears
Resembles the ears of a very powerful and ancient Wolf God.

Costume: Eremes Scarf
A Scarf of some kind. Lost by an old hero...
Class : Costume Def : 0
Weight : 0
Required Level : 1
Job : All

Costume: Secret Zipper
Odd and secretive zip.
Some sort of Rabbit creature was seen from the zip.
Can be exchanged with costume enchant stone box.
Class : Costume Def : 0
Location : Upper
Weight : 0
Required Level : 1
Job : All

Costume: Nekomimi Headphones
The latest in Amatsu fashion, these cute headphones have cat ear speakers.


The Groove pack always contains the following:
1x Battle ManualX3
Gives one of the following at random:
  • Well Chewed Pencil
  • AFK Hat
  • Ribbon Chef Hat
  • Gentleman's Pipe
  • Mega resist Potion
  • 2x Battle Manual X3
  • 3x HE Bubble Gum
  • Eddga Doll[1]
  • Demon Mask