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[Renewal] Zaha Doll Update

The Zaha Doll Hat was an item that was originally available on Thor only through the migration of items from pRO but we have received an update to the effects and will be making it available again on both servers! The Zaha Doll Hat box is in the Kafra Shop for 1000 Kafra Points until the end of the month!

New Effects

Zaha Doll Hat[1]
Zaha doll hat which resembles angel of Zaha. It looks great on your head.
INT + 3. MDEF + 9.
Increases Magic Damage versus undead by 10%
When using Magic attacks or attacked by Magic jas a chance to transform the wearer into the White Lady for a short period of time.
During the transformation does the following.
-Increases MAtk by 30 * Refine Level (Minimum 30)
-Reduces Fixed Cast Time by 80 miliseconds * Refine Level (Minimum 80)
-Drains 10 sp/sec from the wearer
Item Class : Headgear Defense : 1
Location : Upper Weight : 0
Jobs : All