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[Renewal] Halloween Costume Boxes arrive!
Spooktober Costume Box!

Change up your hairstyle, gain a creepy aura, or surround your self with ghosts from this Spooktober Costume Box.

Experience the holiday with us at twitch.tv/warpportal as we scare ourselves trying to survive creepys and crawlies at 5PM PST on Fridays.

Halloween Box II

When opened gives one of the following:
  • Costume Niffleheim Bunny Hat
  • Costume Night Sky of Memory
  • Costume Blue Magician
  • Costume Vampire Familiar
  • Costume Bat Stole
  • Costume Bloody Vicious Stop Bandage
  • Costume Little Devil S Horn
  • Costume Assassin Skull Mask
  • Costume Costume Hoplite Helmet

New Costume Items

Costume Bapho Jr. Horns
Young and growing devil's horn.
Location: Upper

Costume Niflheim Bunny Hat
A hat from famous Healer of Niflheim, Hylozoist.
Location: Upper

Costume Sky of Memory Hat
Perfect to wear for any Bizarre Adventures you may have.
Location: Upper

Costume Blue Wizard's Hat
Talented Wizard's magic hat. It looks weird, but works just fine.
Location: Upper

Costume Vampire Familiar
A costume makes you feel like being a Vampire.
Location: Middle

Costume Bat Wing Stole
Bat wing-ed stole. Don't even think to fly with this wings.
Location: Lower

Costume Bloody Bandages
Tight bandages for wounds of the eyes. It seems that they were already used.
Location: Middle

Costume Tall Ghostring Hat
Tall hat with flying Ghostring. Cute shabby tall hat.
Wearing this hat makes you feel horrifying. Well…just feeling.
Location: Upper

Costume Assassin's Skull Mask
A mask worn by a group of eastern assassins. It's shaped like a skull to notify targets of their imminent death.
Location: Middle, Lower

Costume Hoplite Helmet
A Helm used in ancient western country that was famous for close formation and tight defense.
Location: Middle, Lower

Halloween Box I

When opened gives one of the following:
  • Costume Red Test Subject Aura
  • Costume Servant of Devilring
  • Costume Ponytail
  • Costume Twin Ponytails
  • Costume Magic Eyes
  • Costume Servant of Morroc
  • Costume Dwarf Beard
  • Costume Gram Peony

You can give the headgear dye assistant in the Eden Group second floor to dye the Ponytail and Twintail costumes to match (or contrast) with your hair color!

If you dye one of the hairstyle costume items it will lose any enchants so please make sure to enchant after dyeing!

New Costume Items

Costume Red Test Subject Aura

Costume Ponytail White

Costume Deviling Servant

Costume Morroc Servant

Costume Magic Eyes

Costume Twintails White

Costume Gram Peony

Costume Dwarven Beard