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[Renewal] New Halloween Quest and Return of the Ecto Exterminators!

When the crypt doors creak and spirits fill the air with malevolent energy, that means that it's time for halloween to begin!

Begin the quest by speaking with one of the gangs of roving Ludes in the towns around Rune Midgard...

Quest Details

  • Quest Starts with various Lude NPCs scattered throughout the cities in Rune Midgard.
  • Help them rebuild Jakk who has gone "green"
  • Daily Rewards include Bat Cookies and a chance at a Costume Jakk hat.
  • One of the Jakks in niflheim gives the quest line for the New Skelly Cat Pet, who you can feed with Fresh Fish

Ecto Exterminators Quest

Ghosts. They're real. They're mean. They're here. Coming this Maintenance to a screen near you: Ecto Exterminators! You will join these very responsible businessmen as they battle the things that go bump in the night.

Designed by community member Ralis, this quest will have players tracking down fearsome spectral enemies and disposing of them in the most irresponsible means possible.

For prospective spirit hunters level 50 and over, check out the new announcement board in West Prontera for more information.

An excerpt from Tovan's Spirit guide on paranormal headgear:
Item Name Description
A Savage Babe doll dyed with gold. It is a pretty doll but makes you feel hunger when you look at it.