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[Renewal] Love Garden Costume Box

Love is in bloom! Celebrate the season of romance with a beautiful new set of costumes!

The Love Garden Costume Box

For 300 Kafra Points, you have a chance of receiving one of the following items at random.
Visit your nearest Kafra Shop and try your luck!

Item Description

Costume Blue Rear Ribbon

A beautiful blue ribbon that reminds you of the sea.

Costume | Upper Headgear

Costume First Love Cheeks

The rosy blush of young love.

Costume | Middle Headgear

Costume Gram Peony

A beautiful magician's hat decorated with a peony blossom.

Costume | Upper Headgear

Costume Kitten Lace Hairband

A hairband decorated with a cute kitten doll.
The lace makes it even cuter!

Costume | Upper Headgear

Costume Magical Feather

Sponsored by Aldebaran Alchemists Guild!
Oh Holy Light! Strike down my foes!
Blessings be upon me as I strike the undead and demonic with my Demon Bane!
I am a Magical Acolyte who fights against the black Porings of Satan Morroc!
Every day I struggle against the darkness, but today will be magical!

Costume | Upper Headgear

Costume Pink Drooping Kitty

An adorable kitty doll that perches peacefully on your head.

Costume | Upper Headgear

Costume Survival Circlet

A circlet worn by mage trainees.

Costume | Upper Headgear

Costume White Lily (Black Ribbon)

A costume accessory symbolizing the purity of the wearer.
The black ribbon provides a nice contrast.

Costume | Upper Headgear

Costume White Ribbon

A beautiful ribbon worn to attract the gaze of potential lovers.

Costume | Upper Headgear

Costume White Rose Princess

A coronet decorated with white roses.
It may have been worn by royalty once upon a time.

Costume | Upper Headgear