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[Renewal] Festival of Fashion
Festival of Fashion

Festival of Fashion is Here!

Midgardians, come one, come all! We are pleased to announce Ragnarok Online's first Festival of Fashion!

During the festival, the following headgears will be available for rent from Fashionista NPC found on the first floor of the Eden Group (13,35).

Adventurers may rent over 50 costumes from her from 5/10 - 5/22 11am for 10,000z a day.

Here is a list of the available costumes to rent:

  • Costume Pegasus Wing Ears
  • Costume Dark Knight Mask
  • Costume Horned Hat
  • Costume Dragon General Helm
  • Costume Dragon Skull Hat
  • Costume Rainbow Ears Feather
  • Costume Lightning Speed
  • Costume Double Horn Helm
  • Costume Vanargand Helm
  • Costume Dagger In Mouth
  • Costume Quati Hat
  • Costume Black Shiba Inu Hat
  • Costume Umbala Spirit
  • Costume Elephant Hat
  • Costume Cat Ear Hat
  • Costume Pretty Bear
  • Costume Black Cat Hood
  • Costume Pig Nose
  • Costume Tiger Face
  • Costume Black and White Temptation
  • Costume Flying Helmet
  • Costume Sky Helm
  • Costume Wrapping Cloth
  • Costume Crown of Ancient Queen
  • Costume Wing of Happiness
  • Costume Rabbit Ribbon
  • Costume Gram Peony
  • Costume Magical Feather
  • Costume Cat Lace Hairband
  • Costume Survival Circlet
  • Costume White Ribbon
  • Costume Pink Drooping Kitty
  • Costume Blue Rear Ribbon
  • Costume White Rose Princess
  • Costume First Love Cheeks
  • Costume White Lily With Black Ribbon
  • Costume Rune Helm
  • Costume Shaving Foam
  • Costume Sheep Hat
  • Costume Brown Stole
  • Costume Piggyback
  • Costume Teddy Bear Hood
  • Costume Happy Droopy Lunatic Ears (Black)
  • Costume Mouton Life (Blue)
  • Costume Soft Sheep Hat
  • Costume Tiger Mask
  • Costume Valhalla Idol
  • Costume Red Wing Hat
  • Costume Strawberry In Mouth
  • Costume Eden Group Hat II
  • Costume White Rabbit
  • Costume Warm Cat Muffler
  • Costume Blinking Eyes
  • Costume Black Magenta Ribbon
  • Costume Tail Hat

During this period, the costumes will be account bound and the following services disabled for these headgears:
  • Costume Enchanting (Renewal Only)
  • Costume Exchange for Enchant Stones (Renewal Only)

On May 24 the following Costume Boxes will become available for sale. All costumes featured in the Festival of Fashion will be added to the Costume Enchanting System on the Renewal server.
  • May 2017 Costume Box
  • April 2017 Costume Box
  • June 2017 Costume box
  • Love Garden Costume Box
  • Fluffy Costume Egg
  • April 2018 Costume Box
As part of the Festival of Fashion, we are bringing back many of the costumes awarded during previous events. For more details and a chance to win these rare costumes, please check back here soon!

Festival of Fashion Limited Costume Preview