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13.3 El Dicastes is open for Adventure!

The Sapha are learning to trust the outsiders and have opened themselves up more to your help. They certainly do need it! Between Manuk and El Dicastes lies the Scaraba Dungeon with its Queen and her brood ready to challenge adventurers of levels 130+ to a battle of survival and glory!

Many quests for assistance are offered from the Sapha to adventurers, rewards include the ability to get a very special enchantment done by the Sapha for those they trust the most.

Remember to do the Onward to the New World quest to start on your adventure if you haven't already!

More details lie on our update page!

13.3 and new Party System is ready for Testing!

We have updated our Sakray server for 13.3 El Dicastes update testing! This new update has 3 Large Story Arc quests, new Scaraba Dungeon (lvls 130+) new 3rd class specific equipment and a new Slot Enchanting System. We also have the new party system ready for testing too!

No skill changes should have occured with this update, so if something is different than it is on the live servers please report it on the forums as a potential bug as it may be caused by the new party system update.
The localization for the dialogue may still be a bit rough, but we want to start getting mechanic testing done with our community ASAP. Please report any bad dialogue, unreadable code or awkward language in the forum as well.

You will need a new Sakray Client to test on Sakray. All accounts are eligible to login to Sakray. There will be NPCs in the Eden Group for setting up your characters levels, and sending you to the quest areas for testing. Some unnecessary content is disabled so we can facilitate a cleaner testing session for 13.3.

Please download the new Sakray Client: install it in a different location than your normal RO installation, to avoid patching and playing problems later.

Yggdrasil Crown : Effect update!

We are almost to the begining of our 2nd week of the 8th Anniversary event, and we have gotten much wonderful feedback on the "nostalgia" and prizes for our Dig up the Past event.

One piece of feedback that we've heard much of is the current Effect of the Yggdrasil Crown doesn't have enough pizazz and causes casting lock as its spells trigger. We certainly want to everyone to be excited about this headgear, and to want to use it, so we are going to update it with the following effects!

These changes will all start on Thursday, June 16!

The Yggdrasil Crown will no longer cast Heal, Agi up or Bless when you are hit by an enemy.

Yggdrasil Crown Ingame image

Instead the Yggdrasil Crown will make your heal effects you cast stronger and heal effects you receive stronger!

+0 effect 1% bonus on Heal Skills you cast & 1% bonus to receiving Healing effects from skills and potions.
Every upgrade from +1 to +6 gives another 1% bonus to both effects.
Every upgrade from +7 onward gives another 2% bonus to both effects.

Also if you have a Yggdrasil Crown at +7 or higher, the Turnin Events that we will be implementing through the Middle of July will allow you the option to combine the Base and Job exp into a lump total!

A further update to the Anniversary quest is the ability to repeat it! Every 6 days, if you have completed the quest to the end, you may speak to the Old Man in Prontera to do the quest again, to get the experience and another Yggdrasil Crown for you to upgrade!

We will also have the Yggdrasil Crown box in the Kafra shop for 300 points, if you do not want to run the Anniversary event on your characters!

Old Man Location in Prontera

Ragnarok Maintenance Time Change

We are updating our scheduled game Maintenance for all our WarpPortal titles to Tuesday nights at 10pm to 2am PST.

The first Tuesday night maintenance will be June 21st.

We are making this change to address the fact that our prime playing time is in the middle of the afternoon, and having maintenance in the middle of that time is inconvenient to our players. Further, the Thursday maintenance time gives us very little time to have bugs or problems be reported and noticed before the weekend starts.

Tuesday night Maintenance addresses both issues well. We didn't move to this schedule in the past because we had certain restrictions on when all our games could have maintenance that we have since worked out.

This does mean that Wednesday Castle treasure will not spawn. This means that each WoE will get 3 days worth of treasure earning following it. We are not able to make restoration for the Wednesday Treasure.

USRC is Complete we have our Champions!

Our 2011 USRC tournament has been completed. We have our champions for our RWC 2011!

TurBaconEpic will represent us in Korea for RWC!

If you want to see our Broadcast (pre-recorded) please visit our JustinTV channel. We will be making the fraps videos available next week for viewing as well, with Effects ON or OFF.

We hope you enjoyed USRC, in the next week or so we will be updating Sakray back to Renewal for 13.3 Dicastes testing!

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