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RO Violet Week 1 Rank Winners!

We have our first 20 winners of the Leaf Cat Pet from our Rank event in Ragnarok Violet! Next week, August 19, different winners will be chosen for those individual categories.

If you are the owner of Violet ID listed below please follow the Submission Instructions on how to verify with us so we can award you!

Max Combo:
  • blivix
  • Over9000
  • jccabia
  • migux22
  • Kensei
Max Multi Kill:
  • hari93
  • nikosmarkos
  • rayguiller
  • Zodicandy
  • Over9000
Total Monster Kill:
  • jccabia
  • coldpulse
  • nemesis412
  • Zodicandy
  • adithbud
Max Damage:
  • ichizen
  • coldpulse
  • PowerPoint
  • nemesis412
  • adithbud

Ragnarok Violet, Play, Review & Win!

Ragnarok Violet has launched last Thursday in the Apple Store and is available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch! Many have already been enjoying the the handheld gameplay and are getting some great scores and reviews already! So now it is time to give some rewards to players!

We would like to offer some benefit for those that play both iRO and Ragnarok Violet! Every week through October 7th we will post the top scores from the 4 rankings: Max Combo, Max Multi kill, Total Monster Kill, and Max Damage in Ragnarok Violet and post the names of our winners here. Those winners can write in with a screenshot of their Ragnaork Violet home page, for verification it is them, and we will award you a "Leaf Cat Pet" to your Ragnarok Account! Only 1 victory per Violet account, so we are sure to get many winners and happy Leaf Cats in-game! For instructions on submitting the iOS screenshot please visit the knowledge base article: Ragnarok Violet Ranking Event!

As a 2nd event we will be looking for reviews and ratings of Ragnarok Violet around the internet and the more reviews we find the higher our Experience Rate event we will have from August 30 - September 6th!

Leaderboard for Max Combo

RO Violet is now Available!

For all of you that have an iPhone, iPod Touch or an iPad you can download RO Violet for Free! Its a fun little action packed game that brings the best from Ragnarok, and gives it a more console action twist to make it a great handheld game experience.

Be sure to compete for high score and leave a review so we can share Ragnarok with the world!

For more information about RO Violet, visit the RO Violet Website!

Introducing our 1st Groove Pack!

We are proud to introduce our first ever Groove Pack, inside you will always get something you enjoy and then a little random bit of fun too!

Available Through August 9th for 150 Points!

A fun pack that offers a little bit of Joy to adventurers that open it! Inside you will always get:

1x Battle Manual X3

And also get one of the below prizes too!

  • 1x Battle Manual X3
  • 3x Kuloren *Shinobi Taming item
  • 75x Hugel Medal *Untradable
  • 50x Bravery Badges *Go to the Battle Grounds *Untradable
  • 1x Abyssmal Knight Helm [1]
    Wearable by all, but lvl 70 required, no special attributes other than high Defense at this time.

Also don't forget that we have 6 new Turnins to take in this week too!

  • 90-110 Gazeti / Ice Titan
  • 115-130 Skogul / Frus
  • 135+ Antler Scaraba / Rake Scaraba

WarpPortal Birthday Bash!

Today, July 21st, is a big day for the WarpPortal; today is the WarpPortal's One Year Anniversary! To celebrate the WarpPortal turning 1 Year old we are giving gifts out to our players from each of our games.

From July 22 - August 1st we will select 1 account that made any Game Item Mall purchase from the prior day and then refund them all their of Game Item mall points spent that day back to their Game Account! We will select 1 winner each day from each of our four Titles, Ragnarok Online, ROSE Online, Requiem: Memento Mori and DragonSaga!

To qualify all you need to do is buy something today, and you will have a chance to have all your spent points refunded tomorrow for all the purchases you made today! Winners will have their WarpPortal nickname announced here

For purchases on Friday, Saturday and Sunday we will choose and reward the winners on Monday.

You may already be one of our Winners!

Thank you for all of your support!

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