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Mid-February events!

Lots going on this month with double monster exp and drops as well as a spotlight and two valentines day quests on both servers!

Double monster EXP and drops and Enriched Hammer upgrade event in until the 26th Battlegrounds testing on Classic
Comodo has a spotlight
Littlest Isis Chinese New Year quest
Valentines day quests on Classic and Renewal
Year of the snake headgear boxes

Weekend refining event

During this weekend we have temporarily brought back the eat gear and Enriched Hammer!

These helpful NPCs can be found on the first and second floors of the Eden Group on Renewal. In addition, the no-zeny upgrade NPC is active on Classic!. These NPCs will only be active until this Tuesday's maintenance.

[Renewal] Server transfer Service discontinued

With the server merger coming next week, server transfers will no longer be purchasable through the website.

This is to prevent accidental VAS purchases from users who are not aware of the merger. If you have a server merger ticket in the system and it has not been completed, the GM Team should have already contacted you to get you a refund.

[Renewal] Tri-Server Merge on December 18!
We'll be posting more information here as the week goes on, but it is official!

The server merge will include all of our Renewal servers, Ymir Yggdrassil and Valkrie and will be merging them together into a single Renewal server.

This is a massive undertaking, which is one of the reasons why it's taken longer to set up than we had originally projected. Issues about storage and character overflow are significant, and were the major focus of the development that HQ was working on for the last few months.

Some details:

The merger will occur beginning on December 18th, 2012.

After the merger, There will be a new second and third storage for yggdrassil and valkyrie stored items. Players will be able to remove items from these but will not be able to place items back in, and the extra storages will eventually disappear.

From the current max of nine characters, the limit will increase to 27 to accommodate the additional characters. If the characters are deleted or if the player does not have full character rosters, they will still only be able to create up to nine characters (if VIP).

Get bonus Energy when you buy WPE with a Credit card!

Running from 11/14-11/20 you can get up to 10% bonus WPE when you use a Credit Card To purchase energy!

Select Credit card as a payment option to see what WPE bonuses you will receive

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