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Ragnarok Classic Server is Coming!
As so many of our in-the-know community has realized, we are launching a Classic RO server soon. This server will be run as a completely new server and will using the original game settings and physics. Ragnarok has a long history, and along that history major updates have happened to expand the world, game systems and ultimately even the game settings that you play with; this biggest update was "Renewal". Renewal is a wonderful system with what new stories and classes you can play with, but it is of course different than before.

The planned date of Launch is June 29th, but that is subject to change as the setup and opportunities clarify.

The yet-to-be-named Classic Server is to offer that choice of gameplay between Original and the Renewed. And that has us and many players really excited for this opportunity to play like they used to!

Some of the standout features to expect are:
  • Maps and quests available will be around 10.3, which is Schwarzwalt updates with Einbroch, Juno etc. Arunzfelt and the sinister plot of Satan Morocc will not be hatched yet.
  • At Launch you can change to 1st, 2-1 and 2-2 classes.
  • WoE 1 will be opened up after a reasonable number of Characters get to moderate high level, expected to be 30-45 days.
  • Transcending will be available later still, after many characters are maxed out at 99/50.
  • Expanded classes: Gunslinger, Ninja, Taekwon Kid, Soul Linker and Taekwon Master will come out shortly after Transcendent classes.
  • Many of the high level maps and quests will not be available until after Trans classes are available, this is to allow us to expand the game as we go, rereleasing those contents as the server can handle them.
  • Highest Tiered Gear will drop from monsters in Tradable Boxes. Once the box is opened the gear will be account bound. This is to keep those high tiered items limited to those high Tiered characters capable of acquiring them rather than being taken/shared among many. This also will keep them valuable in the economy for a much longer period of time. This feature will not be noticed for a very long time as those monsters that have the items will not be available at the start.
We are still working on the logistics behind the server, to determine if VIP will be possible, and what systems and rates we will adjust to. More information will be released in this blog page as we iron out the details. Of course if you already have an RO account you can access the classic server, and play on both the Renewal servers and the Classic Server too! So bring your friends and join us for what is sure to be good time!

* This will be updated as more info is released, so check every day!

Emergency maintenance 6/22

Servers will be down beginning at 11am today, for a 2 hour+ maintenance of warpportal systems. We will be doing a 3x EXP event after the servers are back up.

This 3x exp event will run until the next Tuesday maintenance, we will keep the community updated on facebook and twitter!

Morning Maintenance May 25

To implement a Memorial Weekend event, we will be performing a brief maintenance this Friday morning at 11am Pacific time.

We'll have more details to announce about what the event details are tomorrow morning!

May Madness Events!

We have so many events running they need their own post just to list what's going on right now!

The largest one is our long awaited Port Malaya Expansion. This sizeable update introduces new monsters, new maps and new repeatable instance dungeons. Ranging from overgrown abandoned forts to haunted hospital wings there is no shortage of danger and excitement.

Want to learn more? Click here!

Double EXP lasts until May 22nd, and applies to exp from all monsters killed!

The May Groove Pack is in, containing some cool headgears! Right now, you will receive a safe to +10 certificate for every 10 Groove Packs you purchase so if you are looking to do some upgrading check it out here!

Speaking of upgrading, Enriched hammer and Eat Gear can be found upstairs in the Eden Group. Eat Gear will gobble up unneeded upgraded gear in exchange for certs, while Enriched Hammer will take enriched elu/ori to make an high level upgrades at a higher success chance, if the attempt is not successful the item will lose a upgrade level but will not break!

Running until May 29th is a promotion where we offer additional VIP plans. These include bonus kafra points, so if you are looking to enjoy the benefits of being a VIP (more warps, more exp, access to unique dungeons and quests) check them out!

Thank you for playing with us during the month of May, and happy adventuring!

Earn a Free Safe to 10 Certificate!
Many "May you Groove On Pack" have been gobbled up by eager adventurers, but there are a few that want a bit more to spice up their game before visiting the Kafra shop.

Well here is your special to make it that much sweeter! For every 10 "May you Groove On Pack" purchased will earn the account 1x Safe to 10 Certificate, which makes it so upgrades from 9 to 10 won't degrade or break on failure!

This special offer is of course retroactive, and will be deposited into Code the Redeemer in the Eden Group every Wednesday Afternoon for the Prior weeks purchases. You may qualify multiple times.

Dates of Deposit:
  • May 16
  • May 23
  • May 30

Stay tuned, more exciting happenings in May coming soon!
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