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War of Emperium

1. Definition

* The Ragnarok Online siege warfare is to obtain a Fortress and defend it with your guild.
* Large guilds that are active and has knowledge in guild warfare will start a battle differently as opposed to a small guild. Through small guilds, they will be able to enjoy siege warfare, revealing more possibilities in the game, being another feature.

2. Guildmates! Attack the Castle!!!

1) The guild obtains victory by breaking the Emperium inside a Fortress, gaining possession of the guild.
A compensation awaits the victors of the Fortress, so ally up with other guilds and attack the Fortress.
2) Users will be able to hold siege warfare 2 times a week. Siege Warfare will only take place at the specified hours.
3) Guild Skill "Guild Approval" is required to attend Seigefare.

3. Guild Skill Information

Skill name
Official Guild Approval
Receive a certification as an official guild of the Rune Midgard Kingdom.
Members in the official guild are authorized to attack an emperium of another
guild, who owns a guild territory.
Contract With Kafra
Sign a contract with the Kafra Headquarters, Al De Baran. Through the contract,
the guild can hire a Kafra employee for their territory.
Guardian Research
Study then technology of a Guardian. Through the research, the guild can hire
guardians for their territory.
Guild master gains charisma through this skill. Master of Charisma can
increase the accuracy and flee rate of members in guild wars.
Guild Extension
Increase the maximum capacity of guildsmen.
[Level 1] : +2 people
[Level 2] : +4 people
[Level 3] : +6 people
[Level 4] : +8 people
[Level 5] : +10 people
[Level 6] : +12 people
[Level 7] : +14 people
[Level 8] : +16 people
[Level 9] : +18 people
[Level 10] :+20 people

4. New Features

1. Emperium" is the key to Victory.
The guild that breaks the Emperium inside the Fortress become the owners of that fort.

2. Keeper of the Fortress, Guardians.
The 3D Guardians will guard the Fortress from opposing guilds trying to infiltrate.

3. The Guild`s Symbol "Guild Flag"
In front of the Fortress, the Guildmarker will be there in form of a flag, bearing the guild`s

5. Guild Castle Location

Prontera, Al De Baran, Payon, Geffen, each has 5 areas, for a total of 20 Fortresses.
Al De Baran

6. Siege Warfare Rules

- Damage will not be shown.
- All Effects will be simplified.
- All Guild Emblems will appear over the characters head.
- Any Endure skill or items cannot be used.
- When a character is incapable of battle, he will return to last saved point and will not lose experience.
- Wizards will not be able to use the skill, Ice Wall.
- Skills that push back will not be in effect.
- Teleport and Fly Wing will be disabled. Only Butterfly will can be used.
- Phen Card`s "Casting Will not be Interrupted" option will not be in effect in the castle.
- Skill "Intimidate" will be disabled.

Retrieving the Emperium is symbolic for the guild`s fortress, it will not be affected by support magic,
but can only take damage from direct physical and magic attacks

7. The guild that hold a fortress will obtain special features.

1) The guildmates of Fortress holding guild will recover HP/SP at a faster rate inside the fortress.
2) The guild can manage the fortress through a manager or they can hire a kafra storage staff/merchant.
3) Also, once a day, there is a chance of being able to obtain an item that cannot be found elsewhere.

8. How to manage fortress
The guildmaster will use the NPC manager to manage affairs
of the guild and the fortress.
View Fortress Status
Enables to view status of the entire fortress.
Trade Investment
Investing in the trading aspect of the fortress will raise the commerce.
Trade Investment of the Fortress in a specific item volume will be affected.
Defense Investment
Investing in defense will also raise defense of the Fortress. Defense is effected
by the defense strength and HP of the Fortress`s Emperium. It also effects the
Guardian`s HP.
Establishing a Guardian and Maintenance
The guardian that guards the fortress can defend/repair from inside the
fortress. Once a guardian is established, the job of a guardian`s defense of the
fortress against other guilds become noticeable.
Hiring Storage Staff
This allows you to hire/dismiss Kafra. Guildmates will be able to use storage
without being charged for the services.
Enter Master`s Room
It is a room that exists inside the fortress, which only the guild leader can enter.
Inside this room, you follow the developmental degree of the guild, and once a
day a rare item will appear.