Ragnarok Online - Updates - Brasilis Island
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Brasilis Island
Sailors have uncovered a route to the island of Brasilis. To visit this new land, travel to Alberta and speak to the Crewman at the north eastern end of the docks.
Brasilis is a tropical island city and its citizens are waiting to greet you. A dungeon deep under the city waits with new monsters ideal for mid-leveled adventurers to do battle. A group of children near the Verass Monument at the center of Brasilis are spreading a rumor about a Ghost in the Art Musem’s bathroom. Investigating the origin of the ghost will allow you to gain access to the Brasilis dungeon.
Find the Brasilis Candy maker and he will ask you to find a fruit called a Guarana so that he can make it into a candy. It is rumored that the candy, that he makes, can help improve concentration and agility. Help the Candy maker find the Guarana and you will be able to buy the Guarana Candy from him.