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Beyond being just a Super Novice!
Super Novices may find themselves feeling slightly wiser today as a skill expansion is implemented to boost their availible skills. Now, adventurous Super Novices at level 99/99 can speak to a Esseray in Aldebaran who will be happy to teach them the arts of second class skill usage. Of course he will set you a task that only a Super Novice would like to undertake!
Super Novice Potential Expander: Esseray!

After completing Esseray's daunting task, you will have your Job level reset to 1, and you will now have the chance to go to level 150/50 as a Super Novice!
The extra 49 skill points you can earn can be used to buy a number of 2nd class skills! Also the stat points you acquire can allow you to increase your stats to 120!
The Super Novice's Final Bonus Stats from Job are:

  • +5 in Each Stat
  • +15 if you have your no death bonus!

The new skills that the Super Novice can learn are filled with utility and build upon the special talents that Super Novices developed earlier in their Careers!

Super Novice New Skills