Ragnarok Online - Updates - Costume Tab, Item browse catalogs and MVP Gravestones!
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Costume Tab, Item browse catalogs and MVP Gravestones!

Costume System

Vender Search Catalogue

MVP Gravestone

Costume Tab and other system additions!

We heard you like hats, so now you can put a hat over your hat! Do you have a hat that has a great effect but doesn't go with your outfit? Our new costume system adds to the game a second layer of headgear that overrides your currently equipped hats but lets you keep their effects!

With this update, all characters will have a new tab on their equipment screen.

You will be able to purchase several unique headgers from the Kafra shop that can be added to your character's costume headgear slots.

No matter what kind of headgear you have equipped, the costume headgear will display instead. If you wear any costume gear, it will override any other headgears you have in the normal eqipment window.

These are the headgears that will be availible for this system, we are looking into converting existing hat designs to work with the costume tab in the near future. The costume headgear will be purchasable from the Kafra Shop, and will come in tradeable boxes. Once they have been taken out of the box, they become account bound.

Bargain Hunters rejoice!

Before, if you wanted to look for items being vended there were only a few options: wander the market stalls of Prontera or Payon or the crowded bazaar in the Eden headquarters or go to a fansite to see what people were selling. Even then, you would need to find out where their merchant shop is set up! These magical catalogs produced by the Mage's Guild in Geffen will allow you to search the shops without having to walk another step!

There are three different kinds of item search items, each of which allows up to 10 item searches.

Catalog type Description

The Window Shopper search catalog will display the shop name, the item, number of items. You can search up to 10 times with this item. It will also highlight the shop window in yellow on your screen.

The Bargain hunter has the same functions as the Window Shopper, but adds the additional feature of being able to remotely open the shop window as long as you are on the same map.

The Black Market Shopper is identical in function to the Bargain Hunter, but will be obtainable during special events.

These items can be traded/vended.

MVP Gravestone

This new feature solves an issue that has plagued adventurers for years: finding what time a MVP was killed so they can catch it the next time around. Now, when a MVP dies it will spawn a gravestone that will display the name of their killer and the time that the MVP died. For those hunting these elusive beasts, it is a useful tool to find it when it pops up next.

This system only works with MVPs that spawn normally in field maps and dungeons, MVPs spawned through GM events, Bloody Branches or the Summoner will not spawn gravestones.