Ragnarok Online - Updates - Skill Balance and new systems
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Skill Balance and new systems

New Features

With 14.1 comes the skill balance patch, which is now being tested on Sakray. Among the tweaks to the skills come a few new features to introduce. The information for the changes to the skills is being evaluated and verified in this subforum.

Kafra Shop anywhere

Now, you can access the kafra shop anywhere, by clicking the Cash Shop button next to the minimap. Just in case you get caught in the middle of a fight without Kafra items, or if you want to skip the crowds in the Eden Group.

NPC space cushion

We're glad that the Eden Group and Prontera are such popular places, but it can get difficult to speak to a quest NPC when there are dozens of AFK chats and vending shops sitting right on top of them. To relieve this crowding, the skill balance patch adds in a space cushion around all NPCs that prevents players from opening chat windows or shops within 3 cells of a NPC.

There will be some adjustments to the HP of several classes as well.

As more features are tested and running properly, we will add them to this page!