Ragnarok Online - Updates - [Classic] Your stalwart companion: The Homunculus!
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[Classic] Your stalwart companion: The Homunculus!

Newly introduced on Classic, this system allows Alchemist type characters to be able to create and call special homunculus monsters to fight by their side!

Alchemists can learn the skills necessary to create a homunculus by completing the bioethics quest found in Lighthalzen: guide here

Each of the four homunculi that can be created has a special set of skills and abilities:

Homunculus Description

The Caster
Caprice: Casts an elemental bolt
Chaotic Blessings: Randomly casts heals
Instruction change: boost to int
Self-Destruction: Blows up homunculus in an ultimate attack at the cost of its intimacy

The Tank
Castling: Alchemist and Homunculus switch locations
Amistr Bulwark: VIT bonus on homunculus and owner
Admantium Skin: Max HP, HP recovery and DEF boost
Blood Lust: Ultimate Skill ATK boost, has chance of stealing damage dealt as HP

The Medic
Healing Hands: Casts level 1-5 heal on the owner, costs a Condensed red potion
Urgent Escape: Movement speed boost to alchemist and homunculus
Brain Surgery: Max Homu SP pool, SP recovery and healing efficiency
Mental Change: Attacks use MATK instead of ATK. Temp boost to VIT and INT. HP and SP drained afterwards.

The Brawler
Moonlight: Melee attack that can hit multiple times
Flitting: Temporary boost to ATK and ASPD
Accelerated Flight: Temporary boost to Flee
S.B.R. 44: Ultimate skill trades intimacy for damage, resetting intimacy to 2.