Ragnarok Online - Updates - 14.2 Eclage Quests
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14.2 Eclage Quests
Follow up on the grand adventure of the new world in Eclage!

14.2 Eclage Quests

The new Eclage areas also open up a number of fun new quests! The majority of these require adventurers to be level 120 or higher to participate.

Security Guard
Eclage Entry Quest [Dreaming Time]
Due to Eclage just recently opening up for visitors, there are a large number of tourists stuck waiting in the monster infested fields just to the south of the village. You must pass through the immigration process to visit. This also introduces the main characters of the Eclage story quests.

Prof Worm
Professor Worm's memory
Just past the Bifrost bridge is a tower, at the top of which works the unusual Professor Worm.

Mystery Spot
The case of the Mysterious Burglar
When entering Eclage, you may come across a pathway where you hear a mysterious sound...investigate further and you will find yourself investigating a robbery!

Wish to be big and beautiful
There is a stout scholar in Eclage who is looking for his missing older brother, imprisoned in the local palace.

Pranksters of Eclage
Invstigate pranksters inside of the children's clinic in the West Wing of the palace

Encounter in a strange land quest
Players level 99 and up can begin this multi-step quest by passing by the group of canine travelers inside of the Eclage Palace.