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Classic Asgard Training Edition [Beta]
Asgard Village was constructed by a group of retired warriors and helpful magical

beings to help train the next generation of adventurers past what they learn in the training grounds.

To begin your Asgard Adventure, create a new novice character and proceed with speaking to the item, equipment and consumable tutorials inside the training building. Once you have entered the training ground, you can speak to Jumping Janeway to get your first leveling quest!

Janeway will give you a useful novice dagger to get started and a chunk of exp once you have completed the quest. Once you have finished this task and claimed your reward, if you have reached the maximum novice job level you can proceed to exit the training grounds by speaking to the NPC at the north end of the field.

Once inside, speak to the Valkyrie and tell her which class you wish to become and she will provide you with some starter gear and free tickets for Kafra teleportation and storage access. Alternately you can still complete the personality quiz and find a Asgard teleport agent in most of the towns around Rune Midgard.

The valkyrie will then transport you to the Asgard training village, our Classic-exclusive hub for picking up quests, buffs and useful supplies for your adventures. In the middle of the town, Jumping Janeway is there to give you more quests that will you up to character level 70. We're regularly adding new useful features to Asgard Village and may be expanding Janeway's "level cap" soon!

For the latest information on Jumping Janeway or the Asgard Village, keep an eye on our player participation forum: The Classic Foundry!