Ragnarok Online - Updates - [Renewal] Hero's Trail Part II Quests
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[Renewal] Hero's Trail Part II Quests

The next update to the Hero's Trail has arrived! There are three new instance dungeons for you to tackle and new cards to gather.

How to get to the Dimensional Gap

To get to this strange realm where transport to the past events in Rune Midgard's history is possible by traveling to the Midgard Expedition Camp in the New World.

To get to the new world there are different options, including the Cat Hand agent in the Eden Group Headquarters.

Once you get to the New World, you can enter the Dimensional Gap through the portal here:

Devil's Tower

Based on characters from the Lee Myung-jin's original Manhwa, this instance takes place during Satan Morroc(the demon Surt)'s original invasion of Rune Midgard 600 years ago!

Requirements: Must be level 130 or above.
Rewards: The demon followers of Satan Morroc can drop powerful Demonslayer weapons.

Geffen Magic Tournament

This solo instance dungeon has you taking on tougher and tougher enemies in a one-on-one fight inside of the Geffen Tournament grounds

Requirements: Must be level 90 or above. Solo Dungeon.
Rewards: Winning rounds earns you coins which you can spend on new Equipment!

Ghost Palace

In this episode ripped from the pages of the Ragnarok graphic novel, you see the origins of the tragic character Sakray and his descent from loyal bodyguard to cursed swordsman.

Requirements: Must be level 120 or above. Solo Dungeon.
Rewards: Collect the drops from the dungeon's monsters to turn into the king at the end of the instance.