Ragnarok Online - Updates - 14.3 Battle for Midgard Quests
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14.3 Battle for Midgard Quests
In the latest update for Ragnarok Online, you can take the fight right to Satan Morroc's doorstep!

This latest episode update brings the story of Rune Midgard's battle against Satan Morroc to a dramatic climax as the forces of Rune Midgard and Ash Vacuum band together to pursue the demon to his lair. Willing adventurers can contribute to the rebuilding of the desert city of Morroc, or join the expedition to the demon realm where Satan Morroc is gathering power.

The Flame Basin: A pocket dimension on the other side of the Dimensional Gap where Satan Morroc took up residence after escaping from Rune Midgard.

Obsessed with creating a world of his own to dominate, Satan Morroc laid himself down on the new land to corrupt it with his own essence.

His blood pooled into waterfalls and rivers, his bones piled into dark rocky mountains. His scales crumbled to form bleak forests.

The Flame basin used to be a dead land where nothing could thrive, but Satan Morroc turned it into a breeding ground for vile demon creatures.

Speak to the senior members of the Midgard Alliance Team in the Flame Basin base camp (108, 88) to begin this quest.


Completing the monster hunt mission will earn you a Squad Prize, also known as the Expedition Reward Box. This contains an enchant item [Essence of Demon God] at random