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Episode 16.1 - Quests

Banquet for Heroes

Quest: Banquet for Heroes
Prerequisites: Onward to the New World

Begin the quest by speaking to the Royal Errand Boy in the southernmost plaza of Prontera. If you've completed the quest Onward to the New World, he will give you a Banquet Invitation and instruct you to report to Prontera Castle.

Note: If you haven't completed the Onward to the New World Quest, you can start by talking to Recruiter for the Brave located inside Prontera Castle. Two key NPCs from the quest have new locations!
Recruiter for the Brave is now located at prt_cas (208, 165)
Alliance Manager is now located at rt_cas (21, 98)

Once inside the castle, you are shown to your private quarters, where your escort fills you in on all the details about the banquet and asks you to mingle with the royalty. Your private room is your home base in this quest, you'll be coming back here quite often!

The Seven Royal Families are housed in other rooms in your hallway, as well as the eastern hallway. Make sure to speak with them all to learn of their family histories, and who in their families have claim to the throne.

Each of the families will ask you for a favor, and it's up to you to help them out. If you succeed, you earn their favor and trust in the form of Honor Tokens, which can be exchanged for various items by talking to Commissary Arner in the room east of the banquet hall.