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Guide for new players
So you are fresh off the boat and standing in the Novice training ground. The world is a big place, but don't worry there are tons of resources available to help you learn and decide what is most fun for you!

A quick start guide on the in-game user interface, how to party and special commands are all available in our Game Guide!
We have forums where questions and answers can be asked of your fellow players, the "New Player Strategies" Sub-Forum is a great help to new adventurers!
You are welcomed and encouraged to login to the forums using your WarpPortal ID and Password, and join the community there!
You likely already have a WarpPortal ID registered while you made your RO Game Account!

We have many fansites have detailed walkthroughs on how to complete some of the longer quests in Ragnarok, you should try out irowiki.org!

To find monsters that are appropriate for your level use the in-game map. Press [ctrl + ~] to open the map, press [ctrl] again to show the recommended level range for that map. You can get optimal experience if the monsters level is equal too or up to 10 levels higher than yours.

Search out the Eden Teleport Officer in town.
The Eden group is a centralized location to help adventurers find quests to help you progress and earn free Gear to help you out on your adventure. Also special events will have helpful NPCs inside the Eden Group to help speed you along!