Ragnarok Online - Updates - VIP System Launch!
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VIP System Launch!
No more monthly subscriptions

are necessary to access your game characters,
regardless of what server you play on!

All servers are being set on the "default"
rates for EXP, Monster Drops, Penalty on
Death, and Storage, and upgrade chances.
To enhance these beyond the "default" we
have a VIP package you can purchase from
the WarpPortal and apply to a specific
Game account. With that VIP package
active you will get 150% EXP, Drops, Death
Penalty reduced to 1% and 600 Storage.
Additionally you will be able to create more
characters, up to the limit of 9 per server.

With the VIP system in place NPCs like the
Kafra gals and EXP giving quest NPCs will
notice your VIP status and offer special
benefits like discounted Warp prices, more
warp locations and of course more reward
from quests.

We are also opening Brasilis today as well! So be sure to bring your friends and explore Brasilis.

We have 2 methods of updating your game clientto the new VIP settings and Brasilis. The 1st is
with a "Manual Patch" and the 2nd is through the normal patch process.

Manual Patch Method :

  • Download the Manual Patch..
  • Extract it into your Ragnarok Installation folder, default is
    "C:\Program Files\Gravity\Ragnarok Online\".
  • Run the new Ragnarok.exe to patch and play as normal.
    You will need to manually update any shortcuts you use to use Ragnarok.exe instead of the
    "others". This method also works on freshly downloaded clients from October 2010.

Normal Patch Process: