Ragnarok Online - Updates - Episode 16.1 - Instance
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Episode 16.1 - Instance

Sky Fortress

Frequency: Repeatable once every 3 days, unless you have a Dungeon Pass
Time Limit: 1 Hour
Level Requirement: Base LVL 145+
Questline: Banquet for Heroes

The instance occurs halfway through the Banquet for Heroes questline, when your adventurer is plunged into the dark past of Prontera. Find the instance entrance on the east side of the map and speak to the Scientist to book your instance.

After a brief explanation, you will step through the warp and into the instance. It's up to you to stop those monstrosities from taking over Prontera!

Make your way through the instance in a series of staircases. Battle foes that have a chance at dropping the coveted Vicious Weapons, as well as a special item called the Sky Fortress Key. These keys open up special doors peppered throughout the map, so make sure to collect any that you see!

Battle monsters in these special rooms and obtain a small prize!

...But beware! Some treasure boxes are not what they seem!

After you complete the instance, you are taken back out to the Scientist. You must wait 3 days before attempting the instance once more, unless you have a Dungeon Pass to enter once again. Good luck, adventurers!